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Roads Less Cycled

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Cycling Sicily

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The Show

Biking through cities & countryside, “Roads Less Cycled” takes you on a travel journey that is exciting and informative while showcasing natural beauty, local culture, and meeting interesting locals.


Stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and Bolt (his dog) by his side, Robert takes you on a one-of-a-kind adventure that will inspire you to explore the world on two wheels.


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Crossing Sicily on a bike will be up there as one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. Expect breathtaking landscapes, ancient sites, unique food & culture as we keep that cadence quick from Trapani to Catania. And to make it complete? Bolt will be co-piloting along the way creating his own adventure and memories.


The 300 miles of roads & trails will be challenging, the weather hot, and we'll take breaks along the way.  And during the 28,000 feet of climbing the views will be epic, snack will be often, and pet friendly hotels along the route will be a must.  We invite you to follow us socially for this epic adventure!

Take a Run or Cycle Class

When Robert is not producing commercials or digital content, his passion is coaching run & cycle classes.  Jump into one of his classes anytime for a LIVESTREAM workout unlike any other!


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