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Our current gear is what we have ridden and loved for years! We'd love to engage with your brand and share our enthusiasm for cycling, fitness, travel, culture, and history.

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The zydeco is Cinelli's original gravel bike and the 2024 model is the result of a process of continuous fine-tuning of the bike’s original racing spirit with the needs of hybrid cyclist as interested in long multi-terrain adventure rides as the need to move quickly and safely through the city, often carrying heavy loads, like Bolt!


My MET helmet is a highly ventilated, high-performance helmet that I can comfortably wear all day long. It fits perfectly and provides me with the protection I need.

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Cefalu Pier.jpg


The Bolle lightshifter has been a game changer for me. Full protection in any conditions, no matter the weather, sun, or shade.


My trusty Garmin Forerunner 920 may be 10 years old, but it's still perfect. A few scratches and scuffs only add to the love.  From Ironmans and centuries to walks around the neighborhood with Bolt, it's been on my wrist for a decade.

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Ride With GPS is a straightforward and efficient mapping tool for various applications. It provides me with the confidence that my rides will be hazard-free and I know exactly what the ride entails. 


Road, mountain, triathlon; Shimano gives me the flexibility for any terrain. When shooting the show, I'm in a cross-country fit, which provides comfort and performance, all in one.



SturdiBag features a flexible design that can fit under airline seats and...on the back of a bike! This makes it a versatile and lightweight option for traveling the world on two wheels.


Relive preserves the memories of. An easy and fun way to inspire others with your unique outdoor adventures. your day's ride

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